• 27 May 2009 /  Life in General

    We get our share of dogs and cats, but last week we had an unusual visitor at City Hall. I guess zookeepers have to pay their water bills, too, and this one brought a five-week-old lemur!

  • 10 Sep 2008 /  Life in General

    In the last fourteen months, old age and illness had reduced us from a six-cat family to just two felines. We were feeling seriously under-catted.

    I had mentioned to my husband that I would love to have another male orange tabby. They are known for being especially affectionate, good-natured cats.

    It must have been fate! Just a week or so later, one of his co-workers told him that her neighbor was trying to find a home for a wonderful cat she had taken in but couldn’t keep. Winston had been abandoned by his people when they lost their condo in a foreclosure. Unbelievable!

    So he has come to live with us. Welcome, Winston!

    Winston the Happy Camper

    Winston the Happy Camper